Dr. Rosa Aspalter


In my medical practice, the priorities are conversation and patient information. This approach ensures the correct assessment of each case. As a general practitioner, my goal is to provide you with the best possible support; sorting out, from the abundance of data available, information that is relevant to your individual needs.

General Practice with the following emphasis:

Weight problems, obesity  (Adipositas)
Nutrition counseling during cancer disease
Mistletoe treatment and other
Complementary cancer therapies
Eating disorders
Food intolerance and allergies
Elevated blood lipids (Hypercholesterinaemia, Hyperlipidaemia)
Nutritional consultation / diabetic nutrition
Preventive medicine – Check ups
Holistic medicine

My work:

Along with my daily responsibilities as a general practitioner and nutritionist, I lead the scientific activities of the internet platform KiloCoach-TM and I work within obesity-organizations. As a book author, I wrote “KiloCoach – Abnehmen ist lernbar,” (see: Media), I write blog entries for www.gesund.at, www.shape.de, and articles for technical journals and other media. I am a member of the Austrian and the German Obesity Associations, the Austrian Academic Institute for Nutritional Medicine and the Austrian Doctors Association.

Short Biography:

Medicine and Philosophy Studies in Vienna
1992: Graduation
1994-1998: Residency in the KA Rudolfstiftung, Vienna
1995-1996: USMLE-Exam (United States Medical Licensing Examination)
1998-1999: Clinical work and research in the Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
2000-2006: Scientific position in the Immunologischen Tagesklinik, Vienna
2005: Founding of the KiloCoach™ internet platform
2005-2006: Diploma for Nutritional Medicine
2006: Emergency Physician Diploma
2007: Opened my own medical practice

Book Publication:

“KiloCoach – Abnehmen ist lernbar” – Springer Wien – New York, 2006
(see: Media)

Scientific Publications:

10) Catany Ritter A, Egger AS, Machacek J, Aspalter R. Impact of Elimination or
Reduction of Dietary Animal Proteins on Cancer Progression and Survival: Protocol
of an Online Pilot Cohort Study. JMIR Res Protoc. 2016 Jul 29;5(3):e157.
go to study

9: Luger E, Aspalter R, Luger M, Longin R, Rieder A, Dorner TE. Changes of
dietary patterns during participation in a web-based weight-reduction programme.
Public Health Nutr. 2016 May;19(7):1211-21.

8) Determinants of successful weight loss after using a commercial web-based weight reduction program for six months: cohort study. Postrach E, Aspalter R, Elbelt U, Koller M, Longin R, Schulzke JD, Valentini L., J Med Internet Res. 2013 Oct 14;15(10):e219.
JMIR Weight loss sucsess and program usage 131014

7) Effectiveness of the online weight reduction program KiloCoach™ and comparison with other evaluated commercial direct intervention and online programs. Longin R, Grasse M, Aspalter R, Waldherr K., Obes Facts. 2012;5(3):372-83. doi: 10.1159/000339726.
Evaluierung Obesity facts

6) KiloCoachTM – Evaluierung eines Online-Programms zur Gewichtsreduktion. Denise Wottawa, Andrea Hueber, Andrea Prenner, Rosa Aspalter. Verhaltenstherapie & Verhaltensmedizin 2009-3, THEMENHEFT “NEUE TECHNOLOGIEN”

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