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Soup greens are wellcome when preparing a light fresh summer soup. In winter you may knock up pleasant warming meals whith soup greens. Ever wondered about the right amounts to buy or what to do whith heaps of them?

You must not allways buy soup greens in small precut and prepacked sizes. It is cheaper and of better taste to buy them in whole pieces, that means: uncut. However, what to do with a huge pack of red and yellow carotts, a huge tuber of sellery and a bunch of parsley? Apart from making soups?

Look! There are many things you can make of!

1) Smoothies, lots and lots of smoothies
You can use soup greens within fruit smoothies as well as in green smothies.

2) Sauces
Clean soup greens, cut it into pieces and cook with some water and vinegar. Mix it with all the cooking water, add 1-2 tablespoon nut- or almondpaste and soy joghurt and serve this sauce with vegan dumplings, or crop dishes such as crop burgers or soy burgers.

3) Vegetable burgers
Clean and cook soup greens and squash it somewhat. There may still be some junkes! Add to cooked corps like millet or buckwheat or soakes soy granules, addd spices and herbs (fresh parsley, pepper, curcuma or tumeric, onions and garlic, give consistency with some flour (soy flour), form burgers, roll them in bread crumbs and fry in some oil.

4) Soup greens in a clay baker
Peel potatoes and cut them into big junks. Clean soup greens and cut them, also 1 big onion. Give everything into a watered clay baker, spread rosemary and some canola oil over it, bake in the oven until crisp. Eventuealy stir the whole vegetables several times and spread own juice vegetables again over it. So it does not get dry.

Wurzelwerk im Topf

Wurzelwerk fertig

Have I fired your appetite or even inspired you for own ideas? Fine!

Photo: R. Rayan

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