Who loves the combination sweet-sour, will be dilighted about this recipe! It is an Italian creation you will not get enough!

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

1 Hokaido pumpkin
2 sourish apple
apple sweet (event. honey)
100g fresh spinach
Aceto Balsamico
maple syrup (event. honey)
olive oil
lemon juice
Chia seeds


Peel the pumpkin and cut into slices. Boil in a little bit of water until good to bite. Rinse off the water and put lemon juice and apple syrup (or honey) on it. Leave stand to get a nice flavour.

Cut out the inner of the apples but leave the peel. Cut into slices and cook very short with a little bit of water. Rinse off the water and add lomin juice and apple syrup (or honey). Leave stand to get a nice flavour.

Wash the spinach and marinate with salt and lemon juice.

Put Chia seeds for one hour into Aceto Balsamico until swelling. Stir Aceto Balsamico with Chia seeds into maple syrup (or honey which has been warmed in a water bath), stir oliven oil with a whisk into the mixture until it is somewhat creamy.

Arrange spinach and marinated pumpkin- and apple slides on plates and decorate with the Aceto Balsamico dressing.

Photo: R. Aspalter

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