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Dear readers!

A cancer diagnosis shocks. Everyone. Those diagnosed and relatives as well, those known as “risk candidates” and those fully surprised patients alike. I was no exception.

At moments when I was faced with a life expectancy of less than 12 months (and there were several), I had my „heart in my throat.“ And all the more so because I’m very attached to scientific data and because I’ve seen cancer winning over patients live much too often. How often it is said that “he or she was fighting so hard,” but one also hears the unspoken words: “it was a hopeless fight.” Against cancer one cannot win. No more at a certain point in time. At a certain point in time, there is this change.

If someone had told me, “You will be okay! You can do it!” I would have smiled sourly and thought,” How naive! Everyone believes in the exception, and yet cancer takes people away!” Compared to this, I preferred to be the brave heroine, finding the precise prognosis for the specific stage of the disease, facing the fight and losing.

That started to change when I began to deal with the effects of diet on my cancer . I did not have to leave everything to fate. I was able to take an active role. But the numbers and forecasts still kept me firmly under control, I believed in them. But now I was the one recording figures as the most probaby outcome, and myself as the exception. At least, I thought, I had found “a solution”!

This once more changed this year that has just passed. I faced new challenges, there are metastases again. Was the whole diet aspect an erronious way? I had to understand that the solution is not quite as simple as I have imagined. On the other hand, I tasted what it feels like not to have to leave everything to fate. And now I saw not only a tiny light spot, no, I saw many small holes in the concrete wall of “Cancer”.

How many nights of research! What are these cancer cells? What do they do? Why? And why can’t we get them under control? But the more I read about the physiology of cancer cells, and how our food and its individual nutrients work, the more cancer cells become human cells, although rather crazy ones. Something physiological. Why should it not be treatable?

Even if I have not found the big solution yet, I know that we can do much more than we are told. And I am encouraged not only by my own progression, but also by other patients going on a similar direction and doing well. For the first time, I feel like I have time. The stranglehold of cancer has loosened. And, with great confidence, I continue to research.

The Food and Cancer project is a beginning. Perhaps, with intensive exchange and collaboration, we are able to develop a truly effective treatment concept. The solution? Anyway! My statistically prognosted time has run out again, but I do not feel so at all. And even if I fall ill again in the near future, I still have options that have helped in many cases. I’m  not done with my ideas for a long time.

What I wish you for the year 2017

What I want for you today, and for the year 2017, is that you are also covered by this confidence that cancer is not an unshakeable destiny. That it is treatable, even in seemingly hopeless situations. That you can get a breath and know that with the right diet we can decisively change the dim forecasts.

I wish that you can celebrate these holidays with your loved ones, knowing that everything is going well, in joy and delight, and knowing how precious and unique life is. Cancer is indeed a master in teaching us that!

And I wish that 2017 will bring us all much closer to recovery!

From my practice I can report: There are so many courageous fighters! So many who are successful, but of them no one hears! And there are pioneers, who have done incredible work, but their work is left to dust rather than being further developed. Let us exchange more, let us learn from each other! If we can do it, it will be a good year!

In this sense: I wish you a happy, healthy new year!

Dr. Rosa Aspalter

Photo: istockphoto.com: Champagnergläser und Weihnachtslichter

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