Muesli with Raspberry Sauce – Basic Flaxs Muesli Recipe

Müsli mit Himbeersosse







My basic recipe for flax seed muesli and a spontaneously developed variation – hmmm, delicious!

Ingredients for muesli dry mix (makes around 1kg):

500g Oatmeal
100g Walnuts, roughly chopped (should be mostly walnuts, but can be partially substituted by other nuts)
100g Almonds, chopped or sliced
50g Pine nuts
200g Dried fruits: unsweetened raisins, plums, goji berries, apple slices, ….
50g  Bitter chocolate, coarsely chopped


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, store in airtight containers.


Muesli Trockenmischung

Basic Recipe for Flax Seed Oil Muesli Bowl:

50g Muesli dry mix (above)
1 TS Ground or crushed flax seeds
1 TS Flax seed oil
Soy yogurt
Soy milk (or another vegetable milk)
Fresh fruits – according to season and to taste (berries are essential, pomegranate seeds are also a great addition)


Stir together the dry mix with the flax seeds and add the flax seed oil, so that the oil is absorbed by the dry mixture. Mix in your yogurt and milk of choice and let it stand for at least half an hour. Slice your fresh fruits and mix in just before serving.

For the raspberry sauce, I simply thawed and crushed frozen raspberries. Other frozen berries and fruits can be used in the same manner when out of season.

Photos: R. Aspalter

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